Friday, August 22, 2008

DREAM, but don't sleep...

Yeah, I am back this soon...!!! I know, I know, you didn't even get a chance to read my previous blog-entry, or to miss me for that matter, but I made an LO that I wanted to share with you!

My creative juices are flowing at the moment! Yesterday afternoon I had the sudden urge to splatter paint over a piece of irregulary torn cardboard. I just had to do it, so weird! So I painted 2 colors of green, and got out some accents and stuff in those greens as well. Because no matter how bad I want to freestyle, I have to stick to color-matching schedules...Slowly another color joined in the fun: pink.
I used some transparant wrapping paper with barok-print I had been dying to use, it's like a Hambly, only thinner. Stamped 2 big pink barok-thingies on the sides of my cardboard. Added some ribbons, a stamped and embossed title, a fun journaling block (which I stamped on some white semi-transparant package of something.) Buttons, fun stuff, some dotted ribbon with buttons to hang my project on (because it's slightly too big to fit in a page protector...) and lots of stitching finished the job. And I even added a cupcake holder!!!
The title is a quote I had heard somewhere. Dream, but don't sleep. Dreaming is good, humans need to do it to stay alive. We need to wish for things we would like to accomplish. But doing that mustn't keep us away from the reality. Because the world is going on, life is going on, with, or without you. We shouldn't close our eyes to all the beauty that surrounds us and is worth living right now. Don't dream your life away...

My first real attempt at freestyle. I guess. Let me know what you think. Is it freestyle? You like it? I know some of you wont like it, but I like that I am growing and am experementing as a scrapper. It's good to think outside the box. To let yourself be guided by some unknown force...

Ofcourse here are the pics so you can judge for yourself...May the force be with you, also...;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Of all the things you wear, your EXPRESSION is the most important...

Hello my scrappy-friends, I am here again! I am still enjoying my holidays.

We went to Brugge (in Belgium) the week before last one, and I had a good time. It was pretty. although it resembled some Dutch cities. Which, according to my hubby (who is very good at remembering random unimportant crap but keeps forgetting about things that matter), was logical since most of the city was built during the time it still belonged to the Netherlands. Aaah, that makes sense. But we had fun, saw the sights, took a boat-trip over the canals, and went to the beach where we got a (reddish) tan, teehee. ;)

We saw 2 movies in Brugge, The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian and WALL-E. And I have to say, both actors are the cutest!!! Ben Barnes who plays Prince Caspian is a hotty, and the movie was good, better than the first part! And Wall-e is totally adorable, I am in love with him! He's so clumsy and sweet, you HAVE to see this pic! It's good for loads of laughs as well.

Last week we continued to pimp our backyard. We got a brandnew fab lounge-set I am very pleased about! My sweet daddy offered to pay half, so that increased my budget immediately! Thanx, dad! You're the best!!! Got some great lanterns to go with it, and a rectangular sunshade. Finally, after all those years, my yard is coming together! In the meantime my dad has been busy painting the outside of our house, which was very necessairy. And hubby has been busy with the garden at the front of our house (which is empty now, apart from sand...) and fixing cars and motorcycles of people I dont even know. :S

I am beginning to become one of those people who doesn't need to go away from home to relax. I enjoy myself thoroughly amongst my own stuff, being able to do what I want and when I want it. And if I want to go shopping, I go shopping. Not in those crappy Belgium towns. You can't shop decently there. They're not even into scrapping yet! :O
Just as I was beginning to think I wouldn't scrap anything this vacation, the right hormones finally kicked back in...I scrapped an LO with a kinda vague pic of me, but beautiful and arty looking. Got the look I went for, so I am pleased with it. :) Almost. Hehehe.

The quote on the LO ("Off all the things you wear, your expression is the most important") is appropiate for me, since I am someone who doesn't love herself, or accepts her appearance. Eventhough I know it's not your looks, but the radiation of your inner beauty that matters. I don't judge my friends by their appearance either, but by their character. And I shouldn't even care what strangers think about me. They don't know me. And sure, I have gained weight again. But it's not as if being thin made life easier for me. 

I am starting off with some pics of a LO I did in January, about my wishes back then. Nothing has changed, because I still long for all those things. It's called "I wish..."

Enjoy, be inspired, create, and leave comments please!!! Me like comments! =)

Here's the LO I was talking about earlier, it's called "GLOW". I finished this yesterday. Well, technically, this morning, after altering it some more to my satisfaction...:P