Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Words & Paintery December Challenge, Shadowbox

Once Upon A Time...

there lived a little Gothic Blythe doll, 
named Devon of Salem, in a tiny house in the Woods. 
Her tricycle was parked outside. Christmas Stockings hung on the fireplace mantel and a few presents were lying at the foot of the decorated Christmas tree. A new doll was already showing her porcelain face. The chandelier in the top of the house lit up the scene, showing the ghostly reflection in the old mirror.

Then something happened...

Strolling the woods the other day, I stumbled upon this little house. As I got nearer, birds stopped whistling and I felt a chill in the air. Around me there was no sign of frost or snow. The little house however, seemed to be frozen in time. Snow and ice covered the entire scene, from the wood rooftop with the little bird's nest on it, to the fireplace, mirror, Christmas tree, presents, and even Devon herself.
Twas an eery scene... Sad... Breathtakingly beautiful though! 
Was there magic involved? A spell? Fear?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Canvas Corp Brands Challenge Reminder "Christmas where you are"

Hi everyone,

Did you see the December challenge over at  the Canvas Corp Brands blog?
The moodboard is a very loose inspiration, the idea is that you create something showing us what Christmas is like where you live. You still have until January 5, 2017 to compete!

As a reminder, I created a project of my own. You can see how I did it, in the
Canvas Corp Brands Challenge Reminder blogpost, with step by step pictures and a supply list.
So please, hop on over there if you're interested in creating something similar!

Hoping to have sparked your imagination to create your own shabby chic and rustic Christmas decoration, I will leave you with some close-ups.
Maybe I'll see your entry in our challenge!

For now, Happy Holidays.
And Happy Scrapping.

 No, don't worry, it's not set on fire, as someone thought ;)
I wrapped a LED light string around the embroidery hoop.
Which you can see in the Canvas Corp Brands post!