Sunday, September 28, 2008

You colour my world

Hello my scrappy friends,

as I write this, I am already 1 year older...I turned 31 the day before yesterday!!! My B-day was okay. Cosy, yet small, in comparison to the Big B-day Bash I had last year ;) Also, this was already the third B-day without my mom. And my brother is still far away with the army, so another family member was missing. But most of my dear friends and relatives were there.

The other day (hmmm, actually, the other week...) I scrapped an LO about hubby and I. The pics were taken in Gent (Belgium) where we were during our last vacation. We ran into an alley covered in graffiti, so I HAD to take pictures! I was afraid to use graffiti-themed paper at first, because I was scared it might take the attention OFF my pics. But the paper I found complements my pics beautifully without overwhelming them. I titled this: "YOU COLOUR MY WORLD".

Take a look if you like:

Also, I had this very fun glamourshoot previous Saturday! It was such a fun concept! We got to go there with a whole group of friends. Unfortunately I only knew 2 persons there: my sis in law and her sister. The rest of the group was made up of friends from friends from my sis in law's sister...But I had fun anyway!

Every one of us got a glamour make-up and we could dress up in 2 of our classiest outfits. At first everyone got a private shoot, and after that we got catwalk lessons. A young woman taught us how to walk the catwalk and how to pose @ the end. We changed into our other outfits and then everyone had to walk the catwalk, applauded by the rest. Such a fun experience, it made me feel feminine. Of all the pictures we could only order 5, of those 5 I am very happy about 3 of them, and less happy with 2. But that's still 3 beautiful pictures!!!

We have a scrap-store in a little town near us (Bentelo), where I go to once in a while. Ofcourse I chat with the woman who runs it, and the other day she told me that she is now working for a Dutch scrap company as well, CreaMotion. She helps design the new papers etc, and she's kind of in charge of the magazine. She said she was looking for people who would like to contribute something, and asked me to send her some pics of my work. If my work was good enough, she would ask me for future magazines, maybe.

So, Thursday, the day before my B-day she sent me an e-mail asking me if I still wanted to make something. DUH, what do you think?! I was asked to make a LO and 2 cards for their scrap-magazine! Honestly, the magazine isn't all that, but who cares? ;) She is going to send me stuff, and I get to make something for free! I also get some compensation, next to having my name and work published in a magazine ofcourse =) I am very curious about the papers and colours, the line is called "Girl Power", so I think it's just my thing...!!! Now I just hope my mojo will be back soon, because I seem to have lost it, somewhere...

And this weekend my friend Monique and I are going to the "Scrap A Fairytale" event in the castle Beukenrode!!! I am soooo looking forward to it!! This weekend a warehouse in our town had a discount on scraptrolleys, so I bought one for myself. :) Thought it would come in handy for such events, and visiting my friends on scrapdates.

In short, I am a happy scrapper =) And I sincerely hope you are too...


Sunday, September 7, 2008

And she will be loved...

Helloow my scrappy friends,

So, I am back to work again for the second week already. Holiday seems like a distant memory again... I guess life is back to normal again. Work, eat, sleep. Sort of...

Dunno if I told you about the Scrap a Fairytale already...?! I am hoping to attend it, October 4 & 5, in The Netherlands, in Doorn. In sort of a villa. It's only 1,5 hour drive from where I live, and I am attending it with my friend Monique. The reason I say hoping, is because I did sign up at first, and then didn't get my confirmation until later. And they mailed me then that I would get my payment-details within 5 days. So, when about 2 weeks had past, I mailed them again, telling them about this. They thought it was strange and would check it later. Because they had been mailing everyone their bills recently. This was promised to me last week. The lady would try to find something Friday, otherwise her colleague would certainly be able to check it Saturday. Guess what day it is today? Sunday...

I hope they get their act together very soon, because as long as I don't spot, workshops, and workshop-times aren't set...!!! And I really want to go to those workshops, at those specific times! Because my friend and I want to do 2 together, and we don't want to have to get up redicilously early and be back very late. So, I am waiting, wishing and hoping. Wondering if I should mail them again...*SIGH*

In between sorting out my scrap-attic and scrap-stuff (again, for the umpteenth time...) (I keep buying new stuff, I have to stop doing that!!!) I managed to make 2 LO's in these past weeks. Very different ones, LOL.

Unfortunately another scrap-store near me is going out of business, so I bought myself some stuff and...A PAPER RACK!!! It's all filled up already, but I am a happy scrapper. =)

Here's the first LO I did, starring a pic I took of my dad while he was sunbathing during our vacation 2 years ago. One of my dad's dogs, Xiucai, follows him around wherever he goes. So, when my dad was lying there, he wanted to be with him anyway, no matter how hot it was. I gave the title lots of thought, I found it hard to come up with something not too cheesy, and not too obvious. So when "Tan for Two" popped in my head, I stuck with it. The journaling sort of says: "Xiucai loves being near his boss. Even while he is sunbathing..." That doggy is so silly and affectionate it keeps melting my heart. =)

The second LO is kind of vintage. Or I hope so. I was in the mood to scrap vintage for some time already, and then preferably with cream, old pink, or pale blue. Ofcourse, I didn't have any paper to meet my demands, so I made it myself. I used 3 layers of paint, cream, crackle paint, and then I blended my own old pink on top. I didn't know what picture to use until I came across this old one of me. Ain't I cute...? Or chunky, for that matter...;) Again, I had a hard time coming up with a title, but I went for "And she will be LOVED" . Because I know I was, and still am.

I used lots of paint, stamps, distressing, glitters, sewing, lace, etc. At first when I was finished, I thought the whole thing looked boring. Dull. Like it was gonna fall asleep any time soon. It needed a fix, but what...? It was made up mostly of old pink and cream, so I added more green, and that spiced the whole thing up. It made more sense now. Now it's finished, but I am not completely satisfied with it. I don't like how it turned out, it's still not exciting. I am disappointed with the result.

I was going for something inspired by a scrapper I discovered recently, her name is Meriam. I found her scraps on SIStv, and then discovered her blog. I'll put a link to her blog up here, you should really see her art, it's so gorgeous and fragile!

Well, judge my LO for yourself. (Sorry 'bout the bad lighting of the pics, dunno why, but couldn't get it better...) Is it vintage...? Is it finished...? Is it boring...? Tips, comments, guidelines, links, anything is always welcome and very appreciated!

I hope to see you next time! Until then, happy scrappin'!