Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some serious T-shirt pimpin'!!!

Hey there,

Gosh, back so soon? Yup, 'cause I actually managed to create something! If all goes well, my friend Monique and I will be going to the Scrap a Fairytale weekend again, it's supposed to take place mid June. So, I thought it'd be fun if we made a T-shirt to wear to that event. A scrap shirt.

So, yesterday Monique came over and we were quite busy for many hours. She did a purple one, I did a fuchsia one. (Only my favorite color in the whole wide world!!!) It's a shame we didn't do any 'pre-pics', but I guess you know what a plane Tee looks like, right? :P

First, I stamped on the checkered background, then, I scrapped the letters "SCRAP" on the background. I made the 'S' out of 2 colours felt, the 'C' was made with metal studs and paint, the 'R' was made from white buttons, the 'A' was made from eyelets with silver ribbon laced through it and the 'P' was formed from ric-rac-ribbon.

I added a patch with 'punk', 'cause well, I scrap and I dig punky outfits/music/scrappin'/etc. I like to be/dress sweet and feminine with a little punky edge, you know?
Anyway, here's the result. I'm kinda proud of it, I have to add. (Well, all but the 'C' , I kinda messed that one up, but it will have to do...)

If you like it, let me know! If you have any questions about something I did, write me!
See ya! Happy scrappin'! XOXO

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My 2nd publication!!!

Hey all,

Yup, I've been a BAD blogger again! Bad scrapper too, for that matter... ;-) Again, I'm NOT in a scrapmood, strangely enough. I'm having a few days off and I wanted to scrap yesterday, but first I had to clean out my scrap-space. That took me HOURS!!! :-( When I was done, the inspiration had vanished, LOL.

However, the "Scrapbook" magazine that featured a LO and card I was asked to create for it, finally got published! Here are some screencaps of the front, and the pages with my work featured on it. (On the bottom page only the card on the left is my creation.)
God and it sounds so vain, but I'm not nearly as excited as I was when I got published the first time... You get used to it, I guess... :P

Further more, my brother and his (now) fiancee are getting married, very soon! May 12th. They're expecting, so they wanted to take care of that before the kid is due. Which will be somewhere in August. I took some pictures of them and I'm gonna scrap them something with these pics. Hope they'll like it. Hope I'll be inspired in time, too.

Happy Scrappin'! XOXO

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has finally sprung!

Hey all,
Yeah, I know I have been MIA for a while, but I'm still around, LOL. I wasn't in a scrap-mood at all lately, somehow. 

After watching "My So-Called Life", I have been losing myself into fanfic again. That GREAT show ended so abruptly and left me so thoroughly unsatisfied, I had to create my own ending. I am still not finished after writing like 11 episodes. Writing is so difficult, I had to re-write almost all of the stories. The sentence-structure was boring, and there were times I strayed from the characters too much. Ugh. But it's fun trying to think what Jordan Catalano (played by Jared Leto...) would do :P
Further more, it's march. March is the month when my mother's birthday used to be, and my dad's birthday still is. We've had a bachelorette-party and wedding from my (beautiful looking!) niece, and both were great and big fun, but I really missed having my mom around :(
Last Thursday (March 19) it has been 3 years ago already since she passed away. Time goes by fast, but my feelings have trouble keeping up with time.

I did make some Valentine's Day Cards, and I will show them to you. I made some for my DH, my dad, brother and some friends. Also, I made a card and little giftbox for my niece's wedding. It says "JA" on the card, which means "Yes", which ofcourse it the key-word on a wedding-day ;)
One tip: NEVER make stuff only a few hours before the wedding...My hands and nails were covered in BLACK maya mist...:S Not so smart, I guess.

I am beginning to get excited about scrapping again now Spring has finally sprung. We've had SO little sunshine lately and so much rain and dreariness, it was becoming really depressing. But now, I'm looking forward to the new things that are coming out, by Prima, and Maya Road for example. I NEED the new Rebellious Line by Prima, and the American Crafts Teen line is on my wishlist too. I guess you could say I'm in the mood for some scrap-shopping :) But first I have to clean up my desk, there's still clutter lying on it from my last 3 projects or so. Ugh!!! :S

But, I'm in the mood for more refreshing changes, like around the house. Yesterday we bought some wallpaper for the hallway, it's kinda creamy with a green damask print. And I washed all my windows, after a loooooong time. Washed my car too, so I feel good about being busy. Cleaned up the house and made hubby move the TV-cabinet. So, I'm gonna go and enjoy my clean house and mind in a short while.

Happy Scrapping! XOXO

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Counting the years isn't the same as making the years count...

Hey there,

Haven't been scrapping much lately, 'cause I am not in the mood to sit in my attic all alooooooone. I am more into watching the telly, and especially my recently bought DVD series of "My so-called life". I had to watch that show, as die-hard Jared Leto-worshipper, ofcourse ;) And I must say I am enjoying it thoroughly...He's so darn cute! But vague, heartbreakingly vague even. The serie gets to me, I am back in highschool instantly. All insecure, withdrawn, head over heels in love with someone I can never call my own...So depressing, so recognizable. I had made a deal with myself to watch 1 episode every day of the week, every workday more specifically. Since there are 19 episodes, I should have been able to enjoy the series for almost a whole month! Go figure...Got the DVD on Monday, and I have only 3 episodes left to watch...Teehee..And I really can't imagine why the show got cancelled after 1 season!!

I actually did a little scrappy project too, I had started on it like 2 weeks ago, and was finally in the mood to finish it! It's basically a transparant LO, framed by a currogated board with a circle cut from it. Did some painting, embossing, glimmer misting, stamping, etc. As title & journaling I used the phrase "Counting the years isn't the same as making the years count..." I thought this sentence was appropiate for the engagement picture of my parents. (Back in 1973) As my mom passed away almost 3 years ago, we are so very much aware that it is soooo important to make the times you have together count. Seconds chances rarely happen...

I would love it if you would take a look at my LO and leave me some LUV! And remember to let your loved ones know they are loved by you!!! Perhaps a nice Valentine's Day card, a date or a present...? I still want to make some Valentine's cards of my own. Any nice ideas/links/sketches/whatever? Let me know!

Happy scrapping, happy living & loving. XOXO
P.S. The woodgrain-like background is actually my floor, since the LO is clear... :) )

Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Wonder Land

Hey you,
So, I didn't even mention that we are experiencing a REAL winter over here! It hasn't happened in yeeeeaaaars, so it is somewhat special. I have to admit though I am NOT a big fan of cold, brrrr....I hate my static hair and dry skin, I hate wearing so much clothing and still feeling cold. I hate the slippery roads, de-icing my car every morning and drive to my work feeling cold and frosty like a snowman...

However...I have to say: it looks GORGEOUS!!! And as much as I hate admitting it, you get used to the weatherconditions. That's the problem with this country and this climate, we don't get long cold winters, we get rain. And an occasional snow day. So we never get a chance to adjust ourselves, learn to get up earlier due to the de-icing, traffic and slippery roads. But it looks like we're gonna experience winter a bit longer this time!

XOXO, happy scrapping, see ya!