Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Wonder Land

Hey you,
So, I didn't even mention that we are experiencing a REAL winter over here! It hasn't happened in yeeeeaaaars, so it is somewhat special. I have to admit though I am NOT a big fan of cold, brrrr....I hate my static hair and dry skin, I hate wearing so much clothing and still feeling cold. I hate the slippery roads, de-icing my car every morning and drive to my work feeling cold and frosty like a snowman...

However...I have to say: it looks GORGEOUS!!! And as much as I hate admitting it, you get used to the weatherconditions. That's the problem with this country and this climate, we don't get long cold winters, we get rain. And an occasional snow day. So we never get a chance to adjust ourselves, learn to get up earlier due to the de-icing, traffic and slippery roads. But it looks like we're gonna experience winter a bit longer this time!

XOXO, happy scrapping, see ya!

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