Monday, May 26, 2008

Queen of my heart

Lately I have been in a scrap-mood, probably because the hormones are the right ones for sparking my creativity again...:P I can even get bummed when it's beautiful weather outside then, because then it's too hot in the attic and people will think I am crazy for sitting in my stuffy attic creating paper-thingies instead of catching sun.
But, in my defence, our backyard is a MESS! And it has been for 6 months already. I am not exaggerating, really! We just have a huge sandbox where there used to be tiles. :( It sux and I am getting tired of all the sand around the house, but somehow there isn't any progress there. *Sigh*
I rearranged my attic scrap space, but I am not yet content about it. My desk (former dining table actually, but since it was splattered with glue, stains from wine, and the wood was cracked up, I thought it would serve me better...Hehehe...) was waaaay too stuffed, I barely had space to scrap there! It's because I want to keep cute, new and inspirational things near at hand, afraid I am forgetting about them otherwise.
But I stocked most of those things on a huge open shelve-closet. (I have no clue what the word is, sorry...) But it divides my attic in 2 halves now, a dark and light half to be more specific. And if I have friends over to scrap I won't be able to see them, because the picnic-table is on the other side. The dark side. ;) So that's no fun.
But...if I have to move my desk in front of the windows, I have another problem. I have shelves on top of my desk where I have stored several more items. If the desk is to be put in front of the window, I won't be able to use those shelves anymore, I have to take them off I suppose. Otherwise the windows will be cluttered with stuff, thus blocking the much-needed-light. Thus preventing me from opening the windows. It may seem an overrated deal, but I hear fresh air is good for ya. =) So there's some thinking to be done I guess...

My brother was over at my house the other day and he likes the LO I did on our mom. She passed away 2 years ago and I did an LO containing the lyrics of "our" song. "My Immortal", by Evanescence. That is the song that I picked to be played at her funeral, amongst other songs picked by my dad and brother. My brother asked me to make a LO for him, with the lyrics of the song he picked for mom then. "A song for mama", by Boyz II Men. I was honoured he wanted me do that and somehow making that LO came easy to me.
At first I wasn't happy about the endresult, it was like it had to grow on me. Maybe it's because I had to use brown in it, and cream, and I barely use those colors myself. But my brother has brown and cream in his house, so I didn't want it to clash. After a while I got used to it and even didn't want to part with it anymore.
As a title I used a sentence from the lyrics, which I thought to be appropriate. "Queen of my heart". Because I know that, to him, she was all that, and more. He put her on a pedestool. The rest of the lyrics read like they could have been written by my brother himself. His life wasn't easy as well, but she was always there for him, when the world let him down. Magical how someone else's words can express what you can't...

I'll leave you with a few pics of the LO here, wishing you a creative evening, in every thinkable way. Remember, live your dreams, don't dream your life. You never know when your number is up...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting published in "Creatief met Foto's"...!!!

So, here's the second update of my much-read blog...NOT...;)

I am not sure whether I mentioned in my first blog that some of my work has been published...?!

I am just your average scrapper, nothing special, but I thought I would give it a try and send pictures of a mini booklet I made, to a Dutch Scrapmagazine called "Creatief met Foto's". The picture shows the issue I am referring to. =)

Yet, I was either talented or simply lucky enough to be picked!!! Lucky enough to have used that line of paper, too. I guess. I used Pirate Princess by Rusty Pickle, which was girly, yet tough. Lots of pink and black. Love those colors! I was kinda pleased with the result of my booklet, especially the exterior. The "back" of the booklet was decorated with pink ribbon weaved through eyelets, corset-like. Pirate-girly-like...

I felt so proud, special and appreciated. Something I had made with my bare hands was going to be published! "I" was going to be available in most bookstores and scrapstores! How exciting is that!!! ( I even cried out of happiness, how cheesy am I...!?)

Anyway, after a long process of emailing back and forth, I sent my booklet over to their store, and they took pictures of the whole thing. I wrote a little text as well, about myself, the booklet, the paper, etc. The rest of the text was made up or even embellished ( so to speak...) and approved by me after another telephonecall.
So, finally, the April/May issue hit my floormat. And it was surreal seeing pages I had created myself inside the magazine I usually turn to for inspiration. It still hasn't hit me, because I know those pages well, they're mine, so seeing them in a magazine, is like seeing them in reallife, I guess. The article turned out great, the pictures they took of my pages were beautiful and fun. The writing was good, not too extended, but still honest.

The booklet was about my 30th birthday (26 September 2007) which was a big deal for me. I had gone through an extremely rough time after losing my mom March 2005 and I was geting myself together again, finally. So, to close off that period of time, and begin a new era, a celebration amongst loved ones, family and friends, seemed the right thing to do. After all, you never know how much longer you'll have. There may not even be a tomorrow...
So seize the day,
I say! ;)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Here I am!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Perhaps we have met, perhaps we never will. Perhaps you're just reading this because I sent you an e-mail regarding this blog ;) Just for the record I'll tell you a little something about myself, and please, feel free to do the same!

I'm a 30 year old female who lives in The Netherlands. I am married to Pascal for almost 3 years. Like many women I looooove chocolate, eventhough I know it's bad for my figure. I like music, mostly rock, and 30 seconds to Mars is a big favorite of mine. That might have something to do with their lead-singer, Jared Leto. DAMN! That man has the most gorgeous blue eyes in the freaking universe!!!!
Besides drooling over him, I scrap too, sometimes. Like all you scrappers out there, I looooove to buy the stash needed. And somehow I never have enough, or that one little, new, fun item, prohibits me from making a new page/project. Because I simply can't scrap without it....LOL...:P

Anyhow, I started this blog to write about my scrap adventures. To share the links that give me my scrap inspiration. To share pictures and stories, and who knows, maybe we can even cook up a challenge together?

Let me explain why I call this blog Less is Bore! You know the saying less is more, don't you? In some commercial I heard them say: "less is bore!" That describes ME!!!
I have always been the decorative kind of girl, it's never enough. I love jewellery and there have been times I have been referred to as a christmas tree, haha. A teacher even said to me once:"You are wearing more iron than a knight in the armour time!"
So, I have about 130 necklaces, 150 bracelets, 66 pairs of shoes and boots, over 50 pairs of earrings, 30 bags, and those are just my accessories...!!! :O I have waaaay too many clothes, and waaaaay to many little thingies around the house. I have over 250 dragon items as well. I am a collector, I suppose. I can't throw out any stuff, regardless of what it is. Anything might come in handy one day, you never know.

In regard to scrapbooking I am also the less-is-bore-type. I embellish a lot. I love the way Elsie Flannigan scraps, so freestyle, funky, and happy. But I am too coordinated to accomplish that. I seriously hope that some day I can let go of my inhibitions and just scrap with whatever materials and colors I like! So until this day I think my style is more shabby chic. What's yours?

My favorite scrapping goods are paper (DUH!), felt-borders, brads, buttons, ribbons, flowers and clear-stamps. I used to use many tags and foam stamps in combination with paint, but right now I am into the journaling panels/stamps. I love that scrapbooking changes along with the seasons/clothing/home decorations, but it leaves me with a huge stash of papers I am probably never going to use anymore.

So, for now, that's it. I just got a parcel which I have been awaiting for a long time! Time to look at my goodies, unwrap them, and tuck them neatly away. (How about organizing, I keep reorganizing things, I am a organize-freak!) And maybe I'll even play with them, because I could't scrap without them before...But now, all is well, and my stash is complete...Yeah, right. In your dreams!!!

Don't worry, be scrappy!