Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting published in "Creatief met Foto's"...!!!

So, here's the second update of my much-read blog...NOT...;)

I am not sure whether I mentioned in my first blog that some of my work has been published...?!

I am just your average scrapper, nothing special, but I thought I would give it a try and send pictures of a mini booklet I made, to a Dutch Scrapmagazine called "Creatief met Foto's". The picture shows the issue I am referring to. =)

Yet, I was either talented or simply lucky enough to be picked!!! Lucky enough to have used that line of paper, too. I guess. I used Pirate Princess by Rusty Pickle, which was girly, yet tough. Lots of pink and black. Love those colors! I was kinda pleased with the result of my booklet, especially the exterior. The "back" of the booklet was decorated with pink ribbon weaved through eyelets, corset-like. Pirate-girly-like...

I felt so proud, special and appreciated. Something I had made with my bare hands was going to be published! "I" was going to be available in most bookstores and scrapstores! How exciting is that!!! ( I even cried out of happiness, how cheesy am I...!?)

Anyway, after a long process of emailing back and forth, I sent my booklet over to their store, and they took pictures of the whole thing. I wrote a little text as well, about myself, the booklet, the paper, etc. The rest of the text was made up or even embellished ( so to speak...) and approved by me after another telephonecall.
So, finally, the April/May issue hit my floormat. And it was surreal seeing pages I had created myself inside the magazine I usually turn to for inspiration. It still hasn't hit me, because I know those pages well, they're mine, so seeing them in a magazine, is like seeing them in reallife, I guess. The article turned out great, the pictures they took of my pages were beautiful and fun. The writing was good, not too extended, but still honest.

The booklet was about my 30th birthday (26 September 2007) which was a big deal for me. I had gone through an extremely rough time after losing my mom March 2005 and I was geting myself together again, finally. So, to close off that period of time, and begin a new era, a celebration amongst loved ones, family and friends, seemed the right thing to do. After all, you never know how much longer you'll have. There may not even be a tomorrow...
So seize the day,
I say! ;)

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