Monday, March 21, 2011

Our freshly re-born home

Hey there,

I've been a busy girl again lately... Once more NOT in my beautiful scrap-room though... Hubby and I had wanted to change our livingroom for quite some time already. So I started to look around for furniture as I had NO idea what I wanted. I figured once I found the pieces of furniture my heart wanted, the rest would follow. It did happen, but VERY slowly... And I am still sorta in between 2 styles. That's okay though. No need to follow the flock and stick to 1 exact style...
Everything in our house was terra cotta coloured or a lighter shade of it: the walls, ceilings, windowpanes, doors. Every freaking room! All our furniture was made of dark brown wood. So we sort of lived in a cave, LOL. With Indian/Eastern accessories such as a large wall-fan, a temple rug, etc. Or as one of my colleagues pointed out: like being in a Chinese restaurant.

The upperpiece of our mantle was not symmetrical so we had that straightened out by a carpenter, much better! Most walls are painted off-white except for the ones on the side of the mantle. They're a taupe/mauve kind of colour. I LOVE it! We're still awaiting our dining-room table unfortunately. That's gonna be a light/greyish kind of wood with 2 huge column-shaped legs. Like in a monestary or castle. Ofcourse I still need to get curtains and stuff...

By now the TV has been replaced with an enormous flatscreen that belonged to my dad :) I like the chandelier very much too. I wanted a shape like that, not the usual shape. I bought it in a store in our town, how lucky is that? The woman told me it's old and she bought it in Belgium, but it came from France.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I made my own wall-art ofcourse, that wall desperately needed a splash of colour! I saved some of the wallpaint so it's the exact same colour as on the opposite walls! It's a triptych consisting of 3 canvasses, the middle one is 60x60 cm, the other ones are 30x60 cm. I applied gesso on them and just went with the flow. The iron ornaments came from my grandma's closet and I painted them to look silver, they were a sort of golden shade. Glad I saved them though :) I handcut and hand-sew the heart in the middle.