Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BIG mistake...

So...'tIs the season right...?! For what anyway? To be jolly? To be working is more like it! Man, every year around this time we're working our @sses off, but this year...?! It's not sane! INSANE! I even worked last Saturday, and chances are we will be working this Saturday as well. My shoulder already hurts, my muscles tremble and I am dizzy. Can't wait until these last 2 weeks are over!

Now that's off my chest, let's get on with scrappy things ;) Did some scrapping last week, inbetween the total catatonic lameness and mushy brain-ness I felt like letting off some steam. So I did a LO about one of the biggest mistakes in my life...Cutting my hair!

I was in that crazy place that time, that place where I wasn't myself and was looking for...who knows what. I was fed up with my hair and wanted a WILD do. Well, it didn't turn out wild, it turned out CRAP! It wasn't me and I have been totally miserable about my hair ever since the day (June 29th 2007) I left the barber's =( It's taking like forever to grow back, but it's beginning to reach of a decent lenght again =)

So, if you're busy at work: good luck! If not, enjoy the warmth of the season (feelings-wise obviously, not weather-wise) and the preparations for this festive time amongst family and friends.

Thanx for looking! Let me know if you like it! Happy scrapping, and XOXO!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I made the CATWALK!!!


I'm happy! My DIVA-LO made the catwalk* @ SIStv!!! Yeehaa!!! My first time ever!!! Go over there now and see for yourself!!! I'm so proud of me! I feel so honored!!! :)

*catwalk-explanation, quoted from SIStv (Scrap in Style):"You all are so amazing that we want to make sure your layouts get the attention they deserve! Every week, our team of Fashionistas** as well as Jeanette will choose their favorite layouts/projects from the Strut Your Stuff Portfolio***. Check here every Tuesday to see the latest editions. Who knows? You may just be the latest designer showcasing their talent on our Catwalk!"

**Fashionista's: "They are so excited to interact with all of their new SISters and make sure you all are inspired, challenged, educated and most of all entertained."

*** Strutt your Stuff Portfolio: the gallery where the LO's from every SISters personal portfolio are showcased, so all the other SISters can be inspired and comment on your work!

Again, I am a very happy scrapper and will be doing some scrapping (almost...) right now while I am still filled with all this positive adrenaline/energy floating through my happy veigns;) XOXO