Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I made the CATWALK!!!


I'm happy! My DIVA-LO made the catwalk* @ SIStv!!! Yeehaa!!! My first time ever!!! Go over there now and see for yourself!!! I'm so proud of me! I feel so honored!!! :)

*catwalk-explanation, quoted from SIStv (Scrap in Style):"You all are so amazing that we want to make sure your layouts get the attention they deserve! Every week, our team of Fashionistas** as well as Jeanette will choose their favorite layouts/projects from the Strut Your Stuff Portfolio***. Check here every Tuesday to see the latest editions. Who knows? You may just be the latest designer showcasing their talent on our Catwalk!"

**Fashionista's: "They are so excited to interact with all of their new SISters and make sure you all are inspired, challenged, educated and most of all entertained."

*** Strutt your Stuff Portfolio: the gallery where the LO's from every SISters personal portfolio are showcased, so all the other SISters can be inspired and comment on your work!

Again, I am a very happy scrapper and will be doing some scrapping (almost...) right now while I am still filled with all this positive adrenaline/energy floating through my happy veigns;) XOXO


debra harvey said...

congrats your lo is great :)

Sweet Marie said...

Congrats on making the catwalk ! You are very talented so this is well deserved !

Anonymous said...

Congrats my GORGEOUS Beautiful friend.
You and your layout are divine.
Relax, and bask in your well deserved glory!

Patricia said...