Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hey there!
It's another cold and dreary weekend here :( Ofcourse that means: fantastic scrap-weather! But I am still extremely lame and lacking energy. It's very busy at work, it 's the season ;) We know this, because every year towards Christmas, we work our asses off! So that means we are probably gonna have to get out of bed veeeery early again, so we can start work at 6 o'clock. :S I have enough trouble getting up as it is, already!

I did finish a project though, it took me almost all week, so it had better be finished! Not that it's that spectacular or anything, but I guess I wasn't totally in the mood, not very inspired so to say. Have been fiddling with it. But now it's done.

I bought some embellishments the other day with tigerprint-fabric and then I remembered having papers with tigerprints as well. When I looked for a pic to match the colors and theme, I stumbled upon the 2 pics from the Glamourshoot I had in September. I used 2 of them.

Right now I am off to do the laundry again, again something I lack the energy for. Especially since our drier (14 years old) doesn't function very well anymore. It takes 2 to 3 times more time for the laundry to become dry! It messes up my whole schedule, so annoying!

Oh and I am still thinking whether or not I should go and do a workshop next weekend. There's one in a town nearby, by Lance from Rusty Pickle again. Only thing is, last year it cost me about 20/30 Euros, and this year it's 50 Euros! :O That's a lot of money in an already expensive month. Would be nice though...

Thanx for looking and if you like it, let me know!
Happy Scrapping! XOXO

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a great layout. Love the flourish in the corner and the lacing through the eyelets.