Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hey girls,

Wrapped up my RAK, by mailing it to the lucky girl in Canada today ;) I am curious to see what someone else creates with my stuff! But I guess I will have to wait for her mailman to deliver and her mojo to see.

An idea popped into my head the other day, with a picture of my mom in a blue blouse. While my hubby was not in the mood for me during the first part of Saturday evening, I hid in my attic and started to create. (I wasn't in a scrap-mood at all, but I guess the atmosphere of my attic rubbed of on me!) It took me almost all Sunday to finish it, but I am pleased with the result.

I wanted to do something in this style: shabby chic, vintage, fairytale like, in these icy pastel colors to match my mom's blouse and the dreamy feeling of it all, and I succeeded in my own humble opinion =) The journaling is hidden behind the picture, and reads this:

"Mom, despite (or maybe thanx to?) your difficult childhood, you have always been a dreamer. You prefered to float in the clouds, with your little feet off the ground. (Your sign was PISCES...)
Sometimes, Secretly we'd laugh at your wild dreams and plans: "Oh no, wat did she think of THIS time...?!"
You and dad wanted to live in a castle or big house. Even abroad, if that was what it took. No matter how much I wanted to see you 2 happy, I am still glad that you 2 didn't move far away! The owning-your-own-store-dream DID come true, "COSY" existed for about a year. (2000/'01)
But during that time you developed yourself SO much spiritually, that that slowly became your calling. Bit by bit the idea of owning your own spiritual centre dawned on you; including fairs. You preached "The power of the Light" until your last breath. Hopefully you are happy now, in your own little castle in the sky."

Sorry about the crappy pics. Daylight was gone already, and I won't have another chance to photograph during daylight again until Friday afternoon. Take a look and please let me know what you think?! I looooove comments! THNX!!!

Happy scrapping, XOXO

You were a DREAMER


judean said...

it's reallyreally lovely! so many beautiful details, and I am always a fan of hidden journaling :) I love the way you used the ghost letters, and the shades of blue!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gorgeous! And love the hidden journaling.

Sweet Marie said...

This LO is absolutely fabulous !!!!

bradsmom06 said...

Totally gorgeous, I LOVE it!! I think you captured eerything you said you wanted to capture perfectly!