Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first blog-award! =)


While reading all those blogs, I noticed how many people got Blog Awards from other bloggers. My blog was never one of them, sadly. I have to admit I always got kinda jealous that nobody ever nominated ME for a blog award...Does my blog stink? Does my work stink? Or am I just another face in the crowd, someone who scraps but does not stand out...?!

Well, fancy receiving my first ever Blog Award this morning!!!! Me happy!!! =) So thanx a lot Patricia! You made me a happy scrapper! Check out her blog, I was astonished by her work. So young (yeah, when you pass the age-line of 30, even people in their twenties are young...), and already so much her own (vintage) style! It's a pity I can't return the award, but if I could girly, I would! See her beautiful work here:

The rules that come with this award are listed here:
1.The winner may put the logo on their Blog.
2. Put a link up your blog to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 Blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.
4. Leave a comment for the nominees.

I do hope the blogs I am going to nominate aren't showered with these awards already so they will just think it's annoying to receive another one...:S Like fowarding mail ;)Just think of it then, as me stepping out of the silence, shouting at you: "I loooooooooove your work! I wish I could scrap like you! You're an inspiration to me and no doubt many others, so please keep up the good work!!!!" Now that's all said and done, let's get it on...

The nominees are:


So ladies, congrats! Well-earned this award! Happy scrapping to all of you out there! XOXO


Glenda T. said...

Hi Mandy! Thanks so much for giving me that blog award, it was a very nice way to start my day!!When I get some time I'll have to pay it forward. Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed touring yours today and loved that girly pink saturday night fever book you did!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mandy,
I haven't ecr gotten one before. I'll post it on Monday>

You totally made my Day!

You inspire me too. Thanks girl,

Big Hugs,


PS loove the new header and look of your blog. FANTASTIC

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy!! Thanks for the award!!!! You make me sooooooooooo happy!!! =) Have a great day ahead and SCRAP AWAY!!