Sunday, November 16, 2008

My girls

Heeeeyyyy fans...
I know, I know, waaaayyyy too soon after my last post, but hey, I finished a project, and I want you to take a look at it! I actually got a little scrapping done yesterday at my friend's house. She's chatty, that one ;) Next time we should just sit down and scrap immediately, and talk while we're at it...:P

I have to say dragging all my stuff over to someone else's house to scrap, isn't all that...:S Especially since I was in the mood for some "fun" scrapping, in which case I can almost use anything...When I scrap with coordintaed colorschemes, I find it easier to gather my stuff. It's mostly just stuff in 3 or 4 colors then. It probably would help too if I started to think about what I wanted to scrap in time...

The idea I had involved painting, so I brought along the colors I wanted to use. But when I opened my bottle of aqua blue paint, I discovered it was hard! :( I mean, HARD! One solid block of paint. Which...I don't get, because I think it's a new bottle! So how the h*ll did it get hard?! It was in the same drawer as all my other paints! Unfortunately my friend doesn't have that much scrapping supplies and/or paints, so I couldn't paint that part of my project. Ah well, my mojo disappeared along with the sunlight anyway...

But... today I sat in my attic for hours, and I finished it! I painted a little wooden container/box which housed an alpha-stamp-set once. I used some very merry Sassafrass Lass papers, felt flowers, tulle, etc. The picture was taken on my last birthday. It's a pic of me and my dearest friends, so I called it "My girls". Dunno if I am pleased with the result though, I think the colors are a bit too harsh, too bright I mean. Too LEGO-like. But who cares...I'll just scrap something else with the same pic and have a rematch...;)

Please, take a look, and let me know if you like it! Lovelovelove comments...!!!*grin*

Happy scrapping! XOXO


Anonymous said...

This is too cute! Love it!

Sweet Marie said...

Amazing ! Total cuteness !

Anonymous said...

Girl i loooove this. I left a commetn over at sis.

Love the colors, what a fabulous project.

I got my package today. I am screaming louder when i opened it then when I got my magazine publication email today.
You are amazing. I'm going to work on something today for you! I'll post it as soon as I get it done.
Gigantic hugs,


Patricia said...

Hoi Mandy,

Leuk zeg dat je even op mijn blog bent weze neuze.. :P
En bedankt voor je lieve BBtje!!

Maarre jij maakt ook gave dingen zeg... ik zit echt met men mond open te kijken WAUW!!

Ik ga je toevoegen aan mijn bloglijstje, zodat ik je vaker kan bezoeken!!

Liefs Patricia

Patricia said...

Hoi Hoi Ben ik weer!!

Ik wil je even laten weten dat je bent gekozen voor de Kreativ Blogger Award!! Gefeliciteerd!!

Kijk op mijn weblog wat jij ermee moet doen!!

Mandy said...

Hoi! Ik kom hier via via aanwaaien. Wat een leuke dingen maak je zeg! Ik zet je bij mijn favorieten.

Liefs, een naamgenootje ;)

Anonymous said...

Love all the colors. One word comes to mind. HAPPY