Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hi all,

here's a post from me again. Haven't scrapped that much lately, since it's always difficult for me to get adjusted to the lack of light during these months. As soon as it's dark outside, I want to curl up on the couch and never leave it again. If my boss would let me, I'd probably go into hybernation ;) Going upstairs to my lonely attic to scrap doesn't appeal to me at all :(

But...fortunately there are weekends. Last weekend I have been busy though, busy shopping for scrap-supplies that is =) My sis in law Ramona, 2 colleagues of mine (Esther & Natalie) (all infected with the dangerous money-consuming scrap-virus by me) and myself ofcourse went to the Kreadoe fair in Utrecht.

It's an annual hobby fair, where you can buy stuff for all sorts of hobbies: scrapping, mosaic, 3D, knitting, jewelry making, etc. You can even participate in some workshops and do make and takes. But my friends and I just shopped till we dropped! At first we galloped from one booth to another, loaded with enthusiasm...But as our budgets got tighter, our bags got heavier, and our feet hurt more and more, we lost our enthusiasm.

I found some of the things I had been hoping to find, such as Maya Mists, Glimmer Mists, and Tim Holtz Crackle Paints. The picture is a bit overexposed I am afraid, I shot it with my cellphone which I haven't got used to yet...
Further more I bought some fun and pretty brads: owl-shapes, skeleton shapes, and bling bling. And some cute pins with star and heart shapes on top of them, in different colors.Here's all the stuff I bought (excluding the papers and painty things): some deep wooden frames, ribbons, Prima tapes, felt swirls, chipboard swirls, flowers, bind-it-all rings, velvet and glitter sheets for glue motifs and colored chains.
I didn't buy that much paper, but I couldn't resist some of the latest Sassafrass Lass ;)And this cutie pie begged me to take him home as well (aaaaaaaaaaaaw):After the fair we sat outside for a wile, while 3 of the 4 ladies in the picture had to smoke...(I am on the top left of the pic and I was the only non-smoker there...)
All in all this was a fun and cosy day and I am happy with my new stuff. I was BEAT when I got home eventhough it wasn't late in the evening. I went to bed pretty early and started to sort out my stuff next morning. Only thing is; I didn't have much time to do it, because we had to go and pick up my brother who was coming home again!

Off to my friend Monique today, maybe we're gonna do some scrapping together...So, I have to cook up a project and find my materials...(Considering my indecisiveness and waaaaay too large scrap-supply-stack combined with my too big photo-stack that's going to be tough...)
Thanx for reading/looking! Happy scrapping! XOXO


bradsmom06 said...

WOW! What a shopping spree....I am jealous!! Found your blog on Glenda's page, just stopped by to check it out :)

bradsmom06 said...

Oh yes, we have tonnes of wonderful scrapbook stores here! I live in a city with a million people :) We don't live in igloos anymore! LOL! There's alot of great shopping here......I even have a few pieces of that owl paper you treated yourself too! Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)