Friday, May 2, 2008

Here I am!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Perhaps we have met, perhaps we never will. Perhaps you're just reading this because I sent you an e-mail regarding this blog ;) Just for the record I'll tell you a little something about myself, and please, feel free to do the same!

I'm a 30 year old female who lives in The Netherlands. I am married to Pascal for almost 3 years. Like many women I looooove chocolate, eventhough I know it's bad for my figure. I like music, mostly rock, and 30 seconds to Mars is a big favorite of mine. That might have something to do with their lead-singer, Jared Leto. DAMN! That man has the most gorgeous blue eyes in the freaking universe!!!!
Besides drooling over him, I scrap too, sometimes. Like all you scrappers out there, I looooove to buy the stash needed. And somehow I never have enough, or that one little, new, fun item, prohibits me from making a new page/project. Because I simply can't scrap without it....LOL...:P

Anyhow, I started this blog to write about my scrap adventures. To share the links that give me my scrap inspiration. To share pictures and stories, and who knows, maybe we can even cook up a challenge together?

Let me explain why I call this blog Less is Bore! You know the saying less is more, don't you? In some commercial I heard them say: "less is bore!" That describes ME!!!
I have always been the decorative kind of girl, it's never enough. I love jewellery and there have been times I have been referred to as a christmas tree, haha. A teacher even said to me once:"You are wearing more iron than a knight in the armour time!"
So, I have about 130 necklaces, 150 bracelets, 66 pairs of shoes and boots, over 50 pairs of earrings, 30 bags, and those are just my accessories...!!! :O I have waaaay too many clothes, and waaaaay to many little thingies around the house. I have over 250 dragon items as well. I am a collector, I suppose. I can't throw out any stuff, regardless of what it is. Anything might come in handy one day, you never know.

In regard to scrapbooking I am also the less-is-bore-type. I embellish a lot. I love the way Elsie Flannigan scraps, so freestyle, funky, and happy. But I am too coordinated to accomplish that. I seriously hope that some day I can let go of my inhibitions and just scrap with whatever materials and colors I like! So until this day I think my style is more shabby chic. What's yours?

My favorite scrapping goods are paper (DUH!), felt-borders, brads, buttons, ribbons, flowers and clear-stamps. I used to use many tags and foam stamps in combination with paint, but right now I am into the journaling panels/stamps. I love that scrapbooking changes along with the seasons/clothing/home decorations, but it leaves me with a huge stash of papers I am probably never going to use anymore.

So, for now, that's it. I just got a parcel which I have been awaiting for a long time! Time to look at my goodies, unwrap them, and tuck them neatly away. (How about organizing, I keep reorganizing things, I am a organize-freak!) And maybe I'll even play with them, because I could't scrap without them before...But now, all is well, and my stash is complete...Yeah, right. In your dreams!!!

Don't worry, be scrappy!

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*fauve* said...

Huge congrats on your new blog!!Thanks for visiting my blog :)