Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some serious T-shirt pimpin'!!!

Hey there,

Gosh, back so soon? Yup, 'cause I actually managed to create something! If all goes well, my friend Monique and I will be going to the Scrap a Fairytale weekend again, it's supposed to take place mid June. So, I thought it'd be fun if we made a T-shirt to wear to that event. A scrap shirt.

So, yesterday Monique came over and we were quite busy for many hours. She did a purple one, I did a fuchsia one. (Only my favorite color in the whole wide world!!!) It's a shame we didn't do any 'pre-pics', but I guess you know what a plane Tee looks like, right? :P

First, I stamped on the checkered background, then, I scrapped the letters "SCRAP" on the background. I made the 'S' out of 2 colours felt, the 'C' was made with metal studs and paint, the 'R' was made from white buttons, the 'A' was made from eyelets with silver ribbon laced through it and the 'P' was formed from ric-rac-ribbon.

I added a patch with 'punk', 'cause well, I scrap and I dig punky outfits/music/scrappin'/etc. I like to be/dress sweet and feminine with a little punky edge, you know?
Anyway, here's the result. I'm kinda proud of it, I have to add. (Well, all but the 'C' , I kinda messed that one up, but it will have to do...)

If you like it, let me know! If you have any questions about something I did, write me!
See ya! Happy scrappin'! XOXO


Pegasus said...

cool shirt! Very creative! said...

I like it a lot, very well done! :) In the previous issue of Encore!Magazine, we also had a "pimp your T-shirt", which I really liked. If you want to see it, just drop me a note and I'll mail you ;) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! You have such a nice website, I'll add you to my faves. :) Best wishes, x Martine

* * said...

Dank je voor je lieve reactie! Een low-res-pdf wordt momenteel gemaakt door onze vormgever, zodra hij klaar is zal ik je het nummer mailen. Liefs! x MM