Thursday, April 30, 2009

My 2nd publication!!!

Hey all,

Yup, I've been a BAD blogger again! Bad scrapper too, for that matter... ;-) Again, I'm NOT in a scrapmood, strangely enough. I'm having a few days off and I wanted to scrap yesterday, but first I had to clean out my scrap-space. That took me HOURS!!! :-( When I was done, the inspiration had vanished, LOL.

However, the "Scrapbook" magazine that featured a LO and card I was asked to create for it, finally got published! Here are some screencaps of the front, and the pages with my work featured on it. (On the bottom page only the card on the left is my creation.)
God and it sounds so vain, but I'm not nearly as excited as I was when I got published the first time... You get used to it, I guess... :P

Further more, my brother and his (now) fiancee are getting married, very soon! May 12th. They're expecting, so they wanted to take care of that before the kid is due. Which will be somewhere in August. I took some pictures of them and I'm gonna scrap them something with these pics. Hope they'll like it. Hope I'll be inspired in time, too.

Happy Scrappin'! XOXO

1 comment: said...

O, wat goed, je publicatie! :) Mag ik je vragen hoe het zo gekomen is? *bloos* Lieve groetjes vanuit Rusland, x MM