Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weathered Copper Egg

Hi everyone,
Yes, Easter is almost near...
Will you be doing anything special? We are going to do some Family visits and hopefully get some extra sleep.

Last weekend we went on a City Trip to beautiful Barcelone, Spain. This trip was a gift from my work, because of our company's 25 year anniversary. In a way I was looking forward to it, but in another way not at all. It meant Connor (our son) would have to sleep over at my dad's for 4 nights, you see...
In retrospective, all went very well and we didn't miss him as much as we thought we would. We called every day, and he let us reassure the number of nights he still had to stay at grandpa's before we would pick him up again. When the trip back home had begun, I couldnt wait to hold him again. After a good night's sleep, of course.
Barcelone is a beautiful city with treasures like churches and beautiful buildings lurking around every corner. I regret not being able to visit Sagrada Familia. For me, the most unexpected beautiful part of the trip was Park Guell. I pictured it wrong, somehow. Like a bench with mosaic and...? To my surprise the park was rather large and filled with lustrous green and felt so serene and peaceful. And Gaudi's work? Wow. The way that man's mind works, has left me puzzling and wondering and in awe, ready to discover more.
I'm filled and inspired and maybe you'll see a project influenced by him, or using one of the pictures I took, or cards I bought, in the near future.

For now, back to EASTER.
Upcycled an old flower pot with paper flowers and foliage, using the Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Paint Kit 'Weathered Copper' and Tattered Angels High Impact Paint 'Copper'.

Want to see how I did it and what exactly I used? Check out the CCB Blog, HERE.

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