Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amor at Omar

Hey all you readers out there, it's time for an update again! While everyone around me is already enjoying their holidays, I am still counting the weeks until it is time for my vacation. Yeah, you read that right, weeks, not even days... :( And we may not even be going away, due to circumstances. How about you...?!
My little brother, who is in the army, has left for the Emirates last week.
I already kinda miss him, eventhough we may have the traditional love-hate-relationship a brother and sister are supposed to have. I can only imagine how much he and his girlfriend are missing eachother right now.
I made a trip to the Scrapbookstore in Heesch, the one that publishes the magazine "Creatief met Foto's". I still had 100 Euros worth of coupons for being published, so it was time to cash them in! ;) Ofcourse, the coupons weren't enough. It never is with me. :P I bought the Big Bite and Zutter Bind-it-All and loads of ribbons and waaaay more stuff. The "Rockstar" paperblock by DCWV also went home with me. I had had my eyes on it for quite some time already and it was on sale. How could I resist...?! Teehee...

I finished an acrylic tryptich with pics of hubby and I, taken during our last vacation in Istanbul. I called it "Amor at Omar", because the restaurant in which the pics were taken was called Omar. And the 2 of us provided the Amor-factor. The place was cozy, beautiful, arabic, 1001-night, and had an absolutely breathtaking view of the city!!! It was a fairytale and we were living it!!!
I had never done an all transparent background before, so it was a challenge. It became more freestyle than my usual thing, and that is what I was going for. Although somehow I can't tell the difference between one thing I made and the other. It's all ME. :)

I will leave you with some (not very sharp) pics of my acrylic-freestyle-trip. Comments are always welcome! Questions/links/ideas as well!!!
I wish you a scrap-a-licious evening/week/weekend/vacation. See ya!!!


linda loe said...

Ziet er leuk uit. Moet mijn bon ook nog innen :-)

Chez said...

Super, super CUTE!

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Love your album - so much fun adn still romantic! Absolutely love Elsie's stuff! :)