Sunday, October 19, 2008

(Saturday) NIGHT FEVER

Hellooow dear scrappy friends,

It's me, again. ;) I have been scrapping lots and lots lately!!! Last week I have been scrapping in my attic for 4 evenings in a row, my DH even started to complain I had to stay with him. Poor thing.

Also, I scrapped a LO and a card I can't show yet, since they are going to be published in a magazine. So, I will show them to you after they have been published. Can you believe I am just saying this like it's a normal thing...?! At first, when the lady asked me if I wanted to make something for a scrap magazine, I was psyched. :D When I got the box filled with goodies, I was psyched again! :D I was even more happy when I found out I got to keep the contents!!! Then I felt a little insecure while scrapping, what if she didn't like it? What if it wasn't good enough? I mean, I just did what anyone can do: put pics onto a paper and add embellishments.

Anyway, when I was finished, I sent her the pics and the description. And man, finding out what article-numbers I had used and typing down all the numbers of the used items, was more work than scrapping the LO! I was very nervous about her reaction. But...she liked it! She thought it was super, was thrilled with my fresh young style, and was even proud of me!!! So, all my worries had been in vain. Thank God...Plus, she asked me if she could call on me again! Waddayathink...?!

I finished a mini that I am content with and very happy about. I even feel kinda proud, which doesn't happen to me that much. It's a mini featuring my party pics. You know, the pics they make when you're painting the town red. I think the colors and materials radiate the fun and girly theme very well.

I thought instead of the obvious who, where, when journaling, I'd do lists of my favorites. So that when I am old and grey I can read about who I liked to party with, where I partied, what I drank, what tunes I liked, and what I loved to wear. Or, even better, so my grandkids can have a good laugh when they see pics of their granny having a ball. ;) And make fun of the terribly old fashionned music she listened to.

But, back to the here and now first. I had lots of work with the various items, eventhough it may not show. I stamped the journaling blocks on plastic milkwhite transparant index cards and cut around their scalloped edges. I painted the backsides pink. The purple picture frames are stamped on foam and then outlined with a silver 3D-paint-pen again. I painted some Heidi Swapp ghost flowers white, and sprinkled glitters onto them.

I kept the pages on the inside basically the same, I thought they looked clutterd enough already, and that's how I keep the unity in it. On the left page I placed the journaling block with my favorites written on it, and the title/theme is on a theme-matching chipboard shape, stuck to a flower. On the right page there's a party pic and the ghostflower with a button attached to its centre.

I used the papers, flowers, glue motifs and paintdabbers I got from BAPERO/CREAMOTION, so THANX A MILLION!!!

Just take a look and let me know what you think of it!!! Happy scrapping to you! XOXO!!!


weebbt said...

That is SO cute! Congrats on getting published!!

Sweet Marie said...

OK this is the cutest most girly little thing ever !

Anonymous said...

This is too too cute! I love it. So glad I found your blog. And congrats on getting published.