Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scrap a Fairytale

Hello fellow scrapsters!
Time for a little update from me again! I haven't been in a scrappy mood lately, so I didn't do any stuff. But....My friend Monique and I went to the 'Scrap a Fairytale'-event in Doorn (Netherlands) last weekend!!! I had been really looking forward to this, and finally it arrived.
We departed from my hometown at about 11.30. We had planned our first workshop at 13.30, so we didn't have to leave at the crack of dawn ;) We arrived at the "castle" Beukenrode neatly in time, fortunately. It was a big old villa in the midst of a park. Very beautiful. We knew we were where we were supposed to be, when we saw ladies carrying around their scrap-totes filled to the brim. Ofcourse, our own totes were filled as well. (Mine a bit more than my friends, as always...)
The lady who organized the event, Truike, welcomed us and gave us keycords with receipts in them. We looked around a little, took a sanitary break and looked around in the room where the store was. I got greedy immediately, there were many cute chipboard items by Maya Road, velvet flowers, little cheap clear stamps and lots and lots more. After browsing around we had to rush to get to our first class, which was Hidden Storage, a Wooden Album. Honestly, we both signed up for the desk storage thingy (by kaiser crafts) which was substituted with this class. I thought it would be a nice equivalent, but it wasn't all that. My friend thought it was too messy, because of all the different shapes, and I didn't really like the color scheme myself. But there's always something to be learned!When this was done (I mean the class, not the book, teehee...) we had a little time left to look around and drink something before dinner. We sat down after a little while and we got our hors d'oeuvres. It was too crowded so there were some people who had to eat standing at a table. Then there was a buffet with the main course. We waited in line for a long long time, but while waiting you chat to eachother so it wasn't a bad thing. =) Dinner was okay, and everyone was hungry after all the information pumped into their brains all day long.

During diner and/or desert there was a lottery going on. Everybody had a raffle ticket and the numbers were shouted out. There were some great prices given away, varying from very small items to big expensive packets. So, some people were luckier than others. I won too...Guess what? A package of cowboy themed paper, and a booklet full of cowboy themed phrases. Okay...Wasn't the best prize ever...But I have an old pic of my dad as a kid, dressed as a cowboy. And my husband is a modern day cowboy, all manly, wearing cowboyboots, jeans and a leather jacket, while riding his steel horse. So, it might work after all.
After desert (some jummy looking icecream pudding thingy) we went upstairs for our next class, Glimmer Mist. We sat at a big round table and all had our heatguns with us. The class taught us how to use glimmer mist, with masks, etc. We loved this, the colours as well as the materials as well as the theme. And we made a big mess...:P

Class ended at about 21.30 and it was time to go to the hotel. There was a big fuss during the day about my friend and I sharing a room, since we hadn't told anyone we wanted this when we were signing up. That was because there wasn't any option to do this, not even a spot for remarks, plus there was even insecurity whether or not our application had even been confirmed! But, after a whole lot of insecurity and mixing up of persons, we got to share a room. It's half the fun of going away together, so we were happy. The hotel was a few minutes away and it was okay, nothing special. Very seventies though. ;) It was surrounded by woods and it was pretty stormy that night. We had some fun, chatted, took more silly pictures and my friend laughed at my PJ's. Around midnight we decided it was time to try and get some sleep, since we had to get up at 7.30 the next morning.

We awoke a little before the alarm went off after a stormy night. We chatted some more, got ourselves ready and walked downstairs to get some breakfast. We got lost on the way down, the hotel was built like a maze...But we got there in the end and enjoyed the breakfast buffet. We got our bags from the room and checked out barely in time. Or so I thought, but we arrived at the castle in time.

I had a class at 9.30 and my friend didn't. The class was taught by Caroline Lau, on of the owners of Maya Road! We did a mini-album with their butterfly/angelic chipboard wings. Very cute. So were all the embellishments by Maya Road. Definitely one of my favorite brands at the moment! We actually finished this mini-album in about 3 hours time, so that's brilliant! We got to use glimmer mists again, and Maya Mists as well. (I have to get me some of those, you can even spray them on ribbons and clothing and after being heat set they will stay on!) I was very happy about this class and the result.
My friend had been bored during all this time, she did do a make and take and browsed in the shop but it was a looooong time to be alone. So, again, we chatted, had lunch and hoped to win something in the lottery which was being held again. My friend was lucky this time...Well, she won, but it wasn't a big prize either. Hold on to your seats: she won 2 Bo Bunny rulers and 4 pencils...

After this it was my time to be alone while my friend had a class. So, I shopped. And shopped some more. And then I shopped even more. And then I was really hoping she'd be back soon before I bought the entire store...:S I got loads of little clearstamps, flowers, chipboard thingies, My Minds Eye papers and matching embellishments (Jody Hunt from My Minds Eye was there, taught some very super classes and gave a discount of 25% on all of their products!) and thickers in various colors and materials. Thankfully my friend returned before I had bought even more. ;)

We left shortly after this, so we would be back home in time. It was about 15.30 when we took off. We arrived at my hometown a little after 5 o' clock. The weekend was great, most of the workshops as well, we had fun, the shopping was super, in short: I really enjoyed myself! Truike told us she would organize another weekend next year in june, if it's up to me...I will go again...!!!
Scrappy hugs from me!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO



a scrap fairytale? That;s so exciting..I bet you had a wonderful time.
I love the mini wings album!!! Too cool.

sandra/merryheart2 said...

ooo, looks like you had a grand time. i would have wanted to stay with my friend too. glad it worked out.

i love the mini wing album. it's so adorable.