Friday, January 15, 2016

Canvas Corp Crew Member

                        Hey everyone, 

     so I realised I haven't even blogged              about becoming a Canvas Corp                            Designteam member! 
At the end of last year they had a design team call and being a fan of many Tattered Angels and 7Gypsies products I decided to give it a go. Not expecting anything, really. It was my first try to be on a design team. Ever. 
I checked my mail in anticipation of their rejection, but nothing came. 
On November 21st I checked my Facebook and saw that one of my friends had posted the video in which Canvas Corp announced their new designteam. Figured I might as well check it so I could see they hadn't picked me. 

Guess what though...? 

My heart started pounding like an idiot and I got hot flashes and I almost burst with excitement and disbelief. 
My husband and son just left so I couldn't tell them. My creative sister didn't answer her phone so I left her a very giddy voicemail. 
The rest of the day my confidence went from through the roof to the bottom of the earth. They chose ME! Yeah! YEAH! They chose ME... Oh help... I'm not good enough... No... They picked ME. They must like something about my style. But wow... The others are so GOOD! (Checked the canvas corp blog and other designer ofcourse. Some of which were already my Facebook friends because I admire their work. And now I was gonna be on the same team as them. How cool is that?! How wrong is that?! I am nowhere near how good they are... )
Well I went from happy and confident and psyched to very insecure. 

So now we're a little further. It's sort of clear to me what we're supposed to do. And that we are very free in the number of assignments we do. Which sort of relieves the pressure, but enhances it at the same time. 

I've gotten my first box of goodies last weekend and have begun on my first layout. Having seen what some of the others created already I'm feeling insecure again. But I know only one way to scrap, and it's MY way. So it will have to do ;) 

My next post will be about my first layout for the canvas corp blog. And it will star a very lovable cookie monster! ♡ 
Hope to see you around! 
My facebookpage is Less is Bore!

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