Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello Handsome

Hi all!
This is the first layout I did with a picture from Connor's first holiday. In the UK.
"Hello Handsome"

The picture was a lucky shot, but an instant favorite. Connor was climbing the fence of an abandoned castle and looked my way. Because we were in England at the time, the title seemed fitting and fun to me.

Wanting to repeat the rock pattern, that became my starting point. I used modeling paste to create the rock pattern all around the page. Later I used brown inks to color it.
The squares with stars pattern was done with silver Inka Gold. Did a little square tile-like pattern in blue as well.
Handcut the flag shapes from burlap paper to add my lettering on and create the 'handsome' part of my title.
I altered the big swirl with inks and crackle paste till my liking.
Added my embellishments, altered or not, until it felt good.

If you like it, let me know! 

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Happy scrapping! 

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