Monday, September 28, 2015



I've got another layout to share. 

This precious picture of Connor being held by his grandfather (opa) begged for a cute layout. To keep things natural I chose the paper with the wood print. The text was already on it and it fit nicely. 
I started out by stenciling part of a big damask shape on the right side of the paper, using bright pink Inka Gold blended with modeling paste. Mixing it softened the shade so it would match the pink touches in the picture.
Later on I decided to add some blue with Inka Gold as well, because the pink wasn't visible enough.
Stamped some green flowery corners from Prima on the paper. 
 Layered the picture onto a piece of velvet blue damask patterned paper. Dressed up a chipboard bird in that same paper,  while coloring the leaves it sits on with green ink. Added flowers and metal leaves and embellishments. Colored a white plastic frame with Inka Gold. Added some felt leave trim and then went ahead until my composition was finished.

Hope you like it! Comments and questions are always welcome! 

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