Saturday, October 3, 2015


Hey all,

I've got another layout to show you. 

Took a picture of Connor with my phone the other day, which wasn't that good technically. But I loved his smile and the cap and vest he was wearing, so I tweaked the picture a bit with some app I had discovered the other day.  Gave it a vintage look and decided that's the direction the layout had to go as well.
I apologise but I have no pictures of the process once again.
The paper is from a paperstack of a local store that sells everything and anything for less. Loved the filmstrip on it and wanted to emphasise that by uding some real, old, blank negatives. 
Started out by applying copper inka gold through a gears stencil.
Added some real gears which I worked a little with the same Inka Gold. Connected the gears with some thick, black thread.
Layered the picture on topmof the old negatives and some strips of ruler-paper.
Added a few wooden words which I altered with Inka Gold in a copper and blue shade.
Some cork envelope embellishments, metal word plaque, etc. 

Hope you like it! Questions and comments are always welcome.

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