Thursday, October 22, 2015

Less is bore... encore

Hey all!

Reviewing my 'vintage' blog entries, I am discerning a pattern... Somewhere around August I recover my scrap mojo and go crazy... 😛
Needing to feed my recent scrap hunger, I joined a few scrapbooking groups on Facebook. Also I've already become a huge Pinterest addict. (However I admit to having wasted precious time by pinning instead of scrapping.)

A few weeks back there was a creative fair in a town nearby. Though it was small I bought some nice new papers and discovered the brand 'Scrapberry's'. New papers and new pictures seem to do the trick in inspiring me.

I'll do my best to update my blog from now on. And if anyone would like to know how I've done something, just ask. I'm working on another layout right now and with a little luck that'll be finished tomorrow. I solemnly promise to blog about it! (Logging in with another account than my google account proved to be so problematic I almost gave up... again...)

For now I'm  signing off. If you're not living in Europe you still have the day ahead of you. Over here in the Netherlands it's evening, and since my little boy is a crappy sleeper I'm not going to bed very late.

Happy scrapping!

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