Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Terrible Two's / Ik ben twee en ik zeg 'nee'!

Hey all,

Since I'm sort of catching up on my blogging by posting the layouts I haven't posted yet, I can't really show you any progress pictures. I'll do my best to describe what I have done though.

I must say I am particularly proud of this layout. It came together like magic and everything makes sense. Which doesn't happen to me often.

Despite reality proving otherwise, I still have the romantic illusion I'm able to take cute pictures of my little man Connor. On this particular fall day Connor wasn't in the mood to pose. At all. He sighed and lifted his arms up to the sky and... gave me a big, fat pout. But what a CUTE big, fat pout it was! ♡

His reluctance can be traced back to his age. Connor is 2 years old. Yes. The 'terrible two's.' In the Netherlands we say "Ik ben twee en ik zeg nee." Which means 'I'm two and I say no.' (It's cuter when it rhymes, trust me.)

Anyway, that was gonna be my title and theme!
I cut out a big number '2' from currogated cardboard and wrapped some iron wire around it to give it some 'edge'.
As usual my efforts to do a stencil on the background were in vain... ;) I put a bit of curled iron wire over those sections and they ended up so full of embellishments that the background vanished.
I added anything and everything fall themed: Leaves (fabric, iron, paper), mushrooms, flowers and other embellishments.
All over the big cardboard '2' I added more 2's. Also from different materials.

The chipboard '&' and word 'nee' were covered in copper Tim holtz crackle paint.

Sorry for the short explanation, if you still see anything you would like to know more of, feel free to ask!

In the meantime, happy scrapping!

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