Monday, August 11, 2014

Finally... I have returned...

Hello there,

I had already sort of decided to start a new blog and call it "Less is Bore... Encore" or "Less is Bore, once more" but I'm sticking with this blog anyways.

Okay, so, why my absence?  Life got in the way. In the best way. Because since my last post I have become a mommy! Connor is already over 18 months even... Whoops...
He's a great boy. Adventurous, funny, sweet at times. Handsome. He really was the one thing missing in our lives. ♡♥

So before he came, we had to clean out the room that was to become his. Then paint and decorate it. Then ofcourse there was the time our whole life revolved around our little man. And it still does. Obviously... ;)

But, we redid the attic as well. Painted it, had a carpenter install some (sliding) doors and straighten out the crooked furnace.
So I'm back to where I once started to scrap: the attic. And while I still haven't sorted everything out (knowing me that will probably never happen anyway...) I have truly recovered my mojo there!

I don't think I have ever scrapped this much in a row! I finally have the cutest subject to scrap about, maybe that's why? While he's sleeping I relive the precious moments we shared by working with his pictures.

I also made a new 'object' featuring my deceased mom's picture.  Because the layout I did on her which was standing in the room, clashed with our (new) living room colours.

I'll try and update this blog with my latest projects, stick with me!

Take care... And I LOVE it if you'd leave me a comment! :)

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